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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for פולקסווגן עץ
Item exactly as described and pictured. My keyfob fits perfectly, although the key blade catches just a little bit on one side when flipped out (should be easy to fix by bending the alloy a little). The metal parts appear to be a lower-grade alloy based on the unfinished appearance on the inside of the case, but it's fine for this application; I'll just have to see how the outside finish holds up over time. The buttons on the keyfob line up exactly with the icons printed on the leatherette and are still easy to press while in the case. The only real 'con' I can see with this product is the top of the case relies on a small metal tab to keep the 'halves' of the shell together on that side. The tab does its job, but just barely, which results in the shell opening up on that end just a little bit. I think a third screw on the back of the case would have been a much better solution but it's not a big deal at all. Overall this case is a great product for the price and I'm very happy with it