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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for realand
Beautiful brushed stainless steel!! I have been looking for a stainless steel oil dispenser & so happy when I found this one. It’s mostly all stainless steel. The cap encasing the spout and spout are plastic. There is a silicone ring inside the spout cap to prevent leaking. It’s just the right size to hold in one hand while whisking with the other. I purchased the 500ml size. The base is 7.4cm wide and the top opening for filling is 3.8cm wide. The pour spout is 1cm wide. There is a tiny air hole next to the pour spout to let air in. The pour spout twists into the base. The stainless steel outer cap pops on and off. The only thing that is missing from the design is a 2 way valve. If you tip this dispenser over by accident, oil will just pour out into the cap or floor, working surface etc. nothing to seal it closed when not in use. Came packaged in a stiff bubble wrap cocoon. And arrived without a scratch or dent. 35 days to U.S.