Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for גברים נעל
Product fits description and its good for this low price. It is really what you order. I recommend to use the measures and consider buying slightly bigger size if you are not sure which to pick.
Great hiking shoes, light, beautiful design, beautiful colors, high quality material, high quality sewing, I'm excited !!!!!!!!! (as usual, I love RAX shoes !!!!!!!!!!!). I took one size larger number (I wear size 36, I took 37), inside is soft to step down, but firmly holding the upper leg, so really maximum comfort! Transport to the Czech Republic about 3 weeks. Thank you very much and I highly recommend the shoes and great seller !!!
Absolutely great hiking shoes, high quality material, very lightweight, soft inside, but firmly holding the foot, super design, perfect sewing. I normally wear size EU 36, but for the sake of convenience I have taken EU 37 and it is definitely better than taking the size "just". For shoes I'm thrilled, excited and thrilled millions of times !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much for the attached gift - a light summer jacket, it's great too! Transport to the Czech Republic about 2 weeks. Thank you very much and I highly recommend these shoes and especially a great seller !!!!!!!
The quality is awesome. I wish the manufacturer has middle sizes. 11.5 size, in my case. I've got two pairs of the shoes. 11 is a little bit small. 12 is a little bit big =).
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