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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for איפור צל
SO SOFT, medium density, absolutely adore this brush for bronzer or blush. Normally I won't pay more than $2 for anything on this site and this was totally worth the money.
Dear seller, thank you, i have received my order. as i first opened the package, it had a really bad smell. I thought i wint use the brushes at all. But after a while, the awfull smell dissapeared a i gave it a chance and tried the brushes. Since then - they are my favourite! They arevery good to work with! Will keep to buy from you and will recommend you! Thanks a lot!
awesome awesome fall in love with these colors nd really really have to say very very fast delivery which they have mention the time it came before then that also nd easy to carry in our bags nd v. easy to cary in purse for long travel
I have ordered it on 06.26 and just got it (07.10). Expected later, wonderful! Soft, good quality, a little gift inside. one minus - smells like wall paint, but i hope the smell soon will disapear :)
These brushes are absolutely gorgeous! I am buying a couple more sets for me and my friends! They are so soft, work with my favourite eyeshadows, and are great for blending!