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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for heel sandal for girl
very nice sandals, the inner size was 133 mm instead of the declared 137 mm, the soles could be softer. overall we are satisfied. Super fast shipping to Czech Republic! Thank you
very satisfied! need to wear for one week or more for say something about quality, but looks good. 23 size 14.9 cm inside. a little bit glue (or color) is slightly visible close to soles and leather "clasp" sides looks like "unfinished", but overall nothing bad to say !
They are more of peach gold color than rose gold. I asked the seller if the sole is soft and they said yes, but it’’s not. The insole is soft to the touch, but I was interested in if the sole bends easily and it does not. Yet they are nice and sturdy, but my child had rubs on the heel and the pinkie toe after the first wear - she had been running, and since toddlers are usually running a lot, I would not recommend to wear them for active play. I bought another pair of sandals from this seller, and they are much more comfortable for everyday wear, though they are not so cute as these ones.
The sandals are perfect! The skin is very soft and comfortable. My daughter wears EU- 28 size, so I ordered 12, it's for 18 sm. food, the leg is 19 sm. Delivery was very long to Bulgaria but I recommend the sandals!