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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for זכוכית צינור מים
Thank you for such a beautiful smoking pipe. I purchased this as a surprise gift for my wife. I love to pickup cute little things for her whenever I see anything that is striking and reminds me of her. I really love her so much and I never need an event at to show her everything I can provide any time I see something that makes me feel like anything I see really speaks her to me I will always strive to get her whatever it was that reminded me of her sweet charming personality. It looks as described came on a day where she was feeling a little sick and I a happy it helped lift her up to see this gift that she really loves. I have yet to test it but I will update my review afterwords. I want to get her more of these because she loves this unique work of art. Thank you so much.
Very nice product. And for the packaging best packaging I ever seen ! In a full box protected by lot of paper and attached inside the box so it cant move ! Only small problem is that it floats but above the water level, so i prefer to put it inside the water level.