Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for crinolin
Two layers of ruffled organza (45 1/2cm) One lining(41cm). (standard lining material.) Waist part is traditional nylon/spandex(18 1/2cm) Total length approximately 62cm. The two organza layers are more than a full circle. Petticoat seems well sewn, seems finished off, no fraying bits. It's not crazy puffy, but it holds the dress out subtly. Just as I expected. (Product matches description.)
Received far quicker than the original estimated delivery. I’m really pleased with the quality, it’s far exceeded expectations. It has creases from the packaging however these are only to be expected and will drop out once it’s hung. It’s lined so you won’t have the tuille next to skin which is great.
the hoop is super nice and its not heavy but really make my dress "princessy" hold the dress nicely ! i love it. still wondering how they fold it tho cause i need to take it to my fianceè place. but overall the petticoat is super good ;D
It Was damaged, it has little holes everywhere, the rope or string was not tied so,I think it damaged the petticoat. I talked to the seller and I opened a dispute and asked for total refund but the seller said only 5$ Then, we got into an agreement and she gave me at least 8$.
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