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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cnc נתב
Good sharpening quality. of the total number of cutters and their 40 only 3 pieces with a broken tip of the cutter. There are no notes for PCB drills and sharpening is very good. The delivery speed is very high for several days and now you already have it in your hands. very satisfied with the purchase. Seller is well done!
The description is pretty much accurate, on 20 degree v bit 0,2 mm tip there is visible dent which means it will suffer soon as it will suffer the material from rhis dent. Just from of the eye I could say this is not an 0,2mm tip, it would rather be on the side of 1mm. Same goes for the 0,1mm tip tool it could be around 0,2mm or more. But I won't argue for this I recommend the seller and I will continue to buy tools from Huhao I think they are correct company. Compared with the price and quality I would gladly recommend them. Thanks a lot, Gjorgji Chupikj CEO Modulus Kraft Macedonia.