Making the connection

At work or at play, in the 21st century we take our smartphones everywhere. They are our one-stop shop connecting us to the world, from organizing our schedule to providing us with directions, managing our social networks, and even fielding the occasional telephone call! Put simply, we don’t go anywhere – even to bed – without them. However, a phone without the right cables is about as useful as a car without an ignition key or a bed without a mattress. That is to say, not very useful at all. But rest assured. At AliExpress we have a comprehensive range of mobile phone cables to meet all your connection needs. From portable cell phone chargers to micro USB cables, there is a cable with your name on it.

Power to the people

We’ve all been there. In the office with colleagues or at the coffee shop with friends, sooner or later someone will ask a question such as “Does anyone have a Samsung phone charger?” or “Have you got a magnetic cable for a phone like this?” Our phones may connect us to an unlimited world of opportunities, but they are of precious little use if the battery has gone dead. In short, going anywhere without the relevant phone charger cord is a risky business in our uber-connected world.

The essential accessory

Thankfully, there is no need to rely on the accessories of friends or colleagues any more. AliExpress has an exhaustive range of the best cell phone cords to meet any and every need. Of course, there are a multitude of types of cable from which to choose. From the essential USB cable to the right portable cell phone charger, it’s important to get the right cable (or cables) that work for your smartphone. There are numerous cell phone charger cable types and that Samsung phone charger cord will not be of much use on your new iPhone X.

Get in sync

Sometimes it is useful to have a phone charger adapter at hand to give you maximum connectivity in a world where working indefinitely on “low power mode” is not a realistic option. However, charging our phones is not the only reason we need cables. They are essential for transferring data from our phones to our laptops or computers – or, of course, from our PCs back to our smartphones. Want to upload those essential new playlists from your laptop media player to your phone? Stay on the beat by choosing the right cell phone data cable for your make and model. Want to edit those cool holiday pictures on your tablet rather than your phone? Having the relevant cable at hand means you can sync with ease and at your leisure. In this day and age, our smartphones have become almost a fifth limb and the idea of living without them is unimaginable to many, both young and old. So, at AliExpress, we believe you should always be able to choose from a superb choice of quality cables at competitive prices in order to make the most of your smartphone. Perhaps “phone, cable, keys” could be a useful mantra next time we check our pockets or pack our bags. After all, you’ll soon be sorry if you leave any one of them behind.