Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for הנורה h4 led
great product, very very good quality of materials. the light output is great, and very focused. in the photos it can be seen these bulbs (on the left SIDE) informações comparison with a "super white" halogen bulbo (on the right side). recomended.
installed in a toyota sienna 2011 inside my fog housing. good color, good lumens. I bought fanless hopping that it will not cause interference with the car radio, but it's not the case, so I'm a bit desappointed.
Perfect! Good seller and high quality product. Beam pattern as original. Very bright LED! I warmly recommend this seller and his products. I am going to buy more at this store
Good seller: in 10 days to The Netherlands . Silent fan: no noise. But the light pattern is with H7 reflector bulbs not the same as with the original halogens. These LED lights are obviously only usable for projector housings and not for reflector housings. They create more dazzle than allowed in my low beams. That's why I will mount them in my fog lights, however, I bought them for my low beams.
Amazing product of extreme quality, unmatched finish, first-line packaging, simple and objective installation manual, very enlightening. I felt lack of labels and manual with technical information about the product, however it is exactly what is announced in the advertisement of the site. I recommend everyone, I have three boxes I have used and another I will save as a backup. Congratulations on the Product !!!