Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for כחול לשרוף לייזר
incredible!! especially for the price. The gold chrome finishing is flawless. First thing I noticed was how heavy it is. Even without batteries. The label says 5000Mw which I would say is accurate. My 2.5w blue laser doesn't burn as well as this one. I ordered the laser only and they threw in a star cap which was a nice suprise. Switch is nice a clicky. The lens is glass and won't scratch. I did several burning experiments, first was electrical tape which it cut through instantly without putting any pressure on it. Next was normal a4 printer paper which is lit on fire in under 5 seconds, next I made a little pile of bark dust outside and it lit that on fire in under 7 seconds. It cuts through CD cases and burns pretty mutch anything that not a blue color. At this power level, never get in the way of the beam, it will instantly burn you. Definitely not something to play with your cats with. You may blind them. My only complaint is that the beam is slightly crooked.