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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bend cable
Very comfortable fit. It is almost like I don't notice them sitting in my ear. The insertion of the tips are more shallow than what I'm used to. I could not get a good fit with the medium sized tips (what I usually use on other gear), so I'm currently using the large vocal tips that give me the best sound quality. The foam tips seal much better than the silicone tips though. What I have noticed from just a couple of hours using the FH5 is the very smooth highs that are free from any harsh sounds (the kind of "S" sounds). I've been trying them direct out of my iphone 6s, but feel they need some decent amping to really come alive and present the the bass they are capable of. Also the cable is great. Sturdy but comfortable and makes no noise when touching is. The shipping by DHL is super fast and arrive in less than a week from ordering. First class service!