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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for תיק כתף
Just received. Well packaged - two-tier postal package and a company bag with zipper. The backpack is made of good materials and is well sewn with good compartments. Inside is an extension cord for portable charging. With lots of pockets, they look very comfortable and are ideal for a city tour. I recommend buying!
Delivered in only 8 days! that is amazing. The product is high-quality and as promised. I have nothing but praise to say about the seller. I buy on Ally express every day for the past five years and this is the fastest shipping I have ever seen. Wow!
The backpack was confirmed as fit for 12" SurfacePro4 tablet but it doesn't fit exactly. Its corner left outside.. It is suitable for tablets less than 12".. But other than that, the quality of the backpack is really good, also the owner apologized for mistake and agreed on what I ask and accepted all my offers.. Thanks in advance..