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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 2007 פאסאט
Excellent aftermarket item for VW Variant. Must have in my opine. Original light sucks. Now I can see clearly inside the trunk. Huge huge difference.....bad thing is I can now see how dirty it :) One thing for the manufacturer though, I could not find a way to safely lock the 12V coupling from the car into the LED light socket. Looks like it does not quite match. Still holds but let's see. My VW is B8 Variant R-Line 2016.
This is the best thing I ever bought for this money. It has all you want for in a Car. See the specs for all the details, it's to much to write down here. When you want 4G network you MUST buy a dongle from this shop. I tried 3 types of dongles, all with Huawei chipset and none of them works without much trouble everytime you start your car. This is not a bug from the radio, it is just the working together of Android 8 and the dongle. Compliments specialy to David Chen for his exelent support, and very fast with answering all my questions (and very patient) :-)